November 5, 2017

Rain in London brings out the concrete smells of the city; the smell is close to home and it feels just right. If I were to characterize it in a color, it would be burgundy. How felicitous, to associate burgundy with rain. Dark, unsettled and indecisive. Very much like the weather here; very much like the person I am. She’s my color for autumn, too. My love for burgundy has seriously been reignited over the last week or so, culminating just as autumn began rolling into winter. Like the leaves that fall to the ground, I sway towards darker nuances. So when I stumbled upon this beautiful burgundy sweater by Missguided, it only made sense that I make it a piece in my autumn wardrobe. The balloon sleeves have such a Shakespearean element to them, won’t you agree? Another infatuation of mine for the season. I am inexplicably, a vintage girl stuck in the 21st century. Earlier today, I was debating on whether I should tie my hair up in a neat ponytail or if I should just do the hair tuck. You see, I am constantly torn between the perfectionist in me and the messiness that seem to so perfectly sit with my demeanor. I realized I was only humoring myself. So in the end, I shrugged, let my hair loose and slipped on a beret, a garment essentially the same as concealer, capable of covering up a variety of sins like my unkempt hair this morning. Lately I am filled with refreshing relief that only the end of a year can give. This time last year was nothing like now. I started exercising regularly. Grew out that awful, atrocity of a bob cut. And we even moved to a new apartment on the edge of South Kensington. I am now eager for many things to come. I cannot wait to graduate and live. I mean really, truly, indifferently live. Board planes to whatever city I feel like, whenever, without being tied down to anything. But I would also like to move to an even colder town and get another degree. I could see me stressing myself out for three more years, yes. Then again, who really knows what I would actually be doing this time next year? My enthusiasm is far too varied with fickle to settle for anything specific. After all, the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry. I almost never imagined that one day I’d be glad somethings didn’t work out the way I planned for them to, but I am, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Vintage beret / Balloon sleeve sweater / Coated denim / Céline sunglasses / Balenciaga bag / Gianvito Rossi plexi pumps

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