July 29, 2017

In a haze of whitewashed buildings, bougainvillea spilling out of window boxes and balmy summer air, I wandered through the winding streets of Frigiliana in a dream like state. A few minutes away from the seaside town of Nerja, Frigiliana is perched in Sierra Almijara mountain range. It is the epitome of a beautiful Spanish village. And there I was, on this especially sunny day, sitting on the terrace of a tapas restaurant with my handsome man, marvelling at the post card pretty views. The Spanish, with their warm and courteous nature, try and make conversation with us. I do not understand a word, but my ignorance made perfect sense. The feeling of alienation you get in a foreign country is beautiful. Like the piece of a puzzle that oddly fit, you just don’t belong. We found ourselves floating around aimlessly most of the time, letting the endless stairs take us wherever they went, running our feet lightly along the intricate cobble designs. At times, it was almost as though we had the place to ourselves because we seemed to be the only tourists around.

Our stay was at a secluded hotel redolent of the mountain caves that sat on the outskirts of town. We woke up at the crack of dawn everyday and spent our four-day journey, well, exploring. To be honest, there isn’t really much to do in Frigiliana except to enjoy being here. But they have a lovely selection of souvenir shops and cafés tucked away in the narrow streets. There are twelve ceramic plates situated throughout the old section of the village that tell you the story of a Moorish uprising and the last battles fought in the area. The views from the last remains of the Moorish castle are spectacular, although not much of it is left. You cannot get bored of the cloudless sunsets even if you tried. Each one is more beautiful than the last. In those moments just after the sun shyly creeps behind the mountains reflecting a twilight afterglow, the sky drips in surreal hues of lilac and saffron. You would think I should be more than used to it by now, having hailed from the tropics and all. But summer is merely a fleeting moment, you have to savour every last bit of it.


I’m wearing; Maje Letoile off-shoulder top, Miss Selfridge kakhi paperbag shorts, Chloe ‘Foster’ gladiator sandals, Chloe Nile bag, South Beach straw boater hat and Dior ‘reflected’ sunglasses

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